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Papua New Guinea Pictures of Landscape, Flora, Fauna, People and Culture

Papua New Guinea is never going to be truly understood and appreciated without pictures. This section is made up of photos of the country under four(4) main categories namely:

1. Places and Landscapes 3. People and Faces
2. Flora and Fauna 4. Culture and Traditions

Each section is further categorised into the twenty-one (21) provinces of the country.

These Papua New Guinea pictures show just how diverse and unique PNG is. International tourists are most welcome to come and taste a bit of Papua New Guinea.


Places and Landscapes pictures show the abundant landforms of Papua New Guinea from rugged and steep mountains, vast valleys, wetlands, fast flowing rivers, beautiful white sandy beaches, reefs and islands wetlands.

Flora and fauna pictures show the natural, exotic and abundant biodiversity of the plants and wildlife in Papua New Guinea. From tropical rainforests, wetlands, swamps, grasslands and wildlife from spotted cuscus, birds to crocodiles, Papua New Guinea has it all.

People and faces pictures show that Papua New Guinea is made up of over 800 different tribes, each tribe with each unique identity that makes up the country.

Culture and Traditions pictures show the different cultures and traditions of the 800 different tribes of Papua New Guinea. From body painting, traditional dance and musical instruments, traditional clothes made out of barks of trees, necklaces made from sea shells to hand made carvings made out of wood, the cultures and traditions of PNG is very unique and rare in any country.

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